VOTRE signs National Anthem Ordinance

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The Primary Executive, Mrs Barbara Lam, today (June 11) signed typically the National Anthem Ordinance passed by typically the Legislative Council (LegCo) in accordance with Article 48(3) involving the Basic Law. The National Anthem Ordinance can come straight into immediate effect after it is posted in the Gazette tomorrow (June 12).

“Like the countrywide flag and the national emblem, the particular national anthem is the symbol and even sign of the particular nation. As a great inalienable area of the Householder’s Republic of Cina, the Hk Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) is duty-bound to preserve the self-esteem of the national anthem through legislation, ” Mrs Lam said.

“I feel pleased that typically the National Anthem Ordinance will be gazetted and come directly into effect tomorrow, symbols of the fulfilment regarding the constitutional duty of the HKSAR and reflecting the spirit of ‘One Country, Two Systems’. “

The State Anthem Ordinance offers the playing in addition to singing, protection and promotion of the particular national anthem to preserve the dignity of the nation, enhance the impression of national id among citizens and even promote patriotism. Typically the offences stipulated within the Ordinance just concern the neglect of the national anthem, or open and intentional acts with an intent to insult the particular national anthem.

“I hope that users of the public will respect the national anthem involving their own choice, hence the advertising with the national anthem features paramount value. To leave our subsequent generation be familiar with history and spirit from the national anthem also to observe the social manners for your playing and singing of the national anthem, typically the Education Bureau will certainly update its mastering and teaching assets and issue instructions to schools by means of circulars to assist schools in training students, ” Mrs Lam said.

Typically the Standing Committee of the 12th State People’s Congress approved the Law in the People’s Republic associated with China on National Anthem on Sept. 2010 1, 2017, plus added the Regulation to Annex 3 to the Basic Legislation on November some inside the same 12 months. Based on Article eighteen from the Basic Regulation, the national laws listed in Annex 3 for the Basic Law should be applied locally by means of promulgation or even legislation by typically the HKSAR. Having 香港國歌 to the frequent law system practised in Hong Kong, plus the actual instances in Hong Kong, the HKSAR Federal government decided to put into action the National Anthem Law in the HKSAR by regional legislation. The National Anthem Bill was introduced into the particular LegCo for First of all Reading and Following Reading in January 2019, and has been passed from the LegCo on June 5 this year.

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